Keyword Search
and Detection

Uncover prospects calling for particular vehicles, appointment times, and more with Keyword Search and Detection.

Optimize your business strategy and know how many customers are calling in for a particular service, piece of inventory, or unit.

Car Wars uses artificial intelligence to filter through transcribed, connected Sales and Service calls for specific keywords.

With Keyword Search, you can:

Save time by filtering for calls that meet custom keyword parameters
Proactively adjust staffing schedules to meet customer needs
Gain insight into which sources drive calls for particular inventory
Market services appropriately based on customer demand and market trends
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Keyword Search gives dealers the necessary tools and insight to adjust their processes to meet caller needs. The outcome: more booked appointments, more return on marketing spend, and, ultimately, more revenue.

Client Success Story
A General Manager at one of our Ford stores was getting heat from Ford because he had too many F150s on the lot. He wanted his managers to aggressively chase any customer who mentioned the word “F150” — Keyword Search helped him accomplish that.
Sentiment Detection
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