Finding Hidden Deals with VinSolutions and Car Wars' Integration
Client Stories
See how Car Wars is helping more than 15,000 dealerships optimize their phone processes.
Trophy Nissan
Car Wars allows you to put car deals together and see where the holes are. You may have a shy salesperson who doesn't know how to handle a direct customer over the phone -- with Car Wars reporting, you can swoop in and help.
Jennifer Carroll
General Sales Manager
Red7 Creative
Anytime anybody calls me and asks, “Can you help us grow?” I ask them, “Do you have Car Wars?” With all the reporting data in there showing how well your agents are effectively handling phone calls and pinpointing which calls are Sales opportunities that you’ve paid to receive helps you hone in on the phone and master the industry to sell more cars. In automotive, phone leads are THE hottest leads you can have, other than people walking into the dealership.
Nick Hoekstra
Director of Digital Attribution
Tom Wood Auto Group
Car Wars has been very helpful with looking at our store communication on all levels. We are able to pull reports on connectivity ratings, the percentage of picked up calls, requests for guests to come into the store, and the list goes on. Car Wars allows us to coach and mentor our team to deliver on the overall guest experience.
Brooke Bell
Project Manager
Morrie’s Automotive Group
Car Wars has been invaluable. There’s no possible way I could work with 35 agents, in 19 departments without having the enterprise or group activity snapshot as well as the has been a huge time saver to see at a birds eye view what is happening with the store or a particular agent.
Angela Schliinz
BDC Manager
RFJ Auto Group
I’ve never managed a dealership that sold north of 400 vehicles per month, and I’ve never felt that we had what it takes to clearly understand every morsel of every call that comes into and out of our organization, but Car Wars really has something going here. It provides a wonderful opportunity to not miss a single beat, not miss a single opportunity to sell a car, not miss a single opportunity to connect with our clients.
William Mills
Former Operations Manager
Community Auto Group
Car Wars has helped us have an entire working salesforce. It goes beyond the BDC. Everyone is held accountable on the phones. With Car Wars in place, our appointment ratio has gone up tremendously – at least a 50% growth. It’s a huge, huge difference.
Gil Guzman
Director of Business Development
Penske Automotive Group
Using the Car Wars reporting, we created a scoring system based off of Outbound Call Activity and User Engagement. This has not only driven outbound calling activity across the 7 stores, but has also increased manager follow up calls and made listening to inbound calls a major priority. Over the past year, outbound activity across all stores has gone up 60%!
Julie Pizzorni
Area Business Development Manager
Auto Group, Southwest
Artificial intelligent solutions helped this dealership’s agents take greater ownership and accountability of phone leads by claiming leads for them. As a result, they followed up on more missed sales opportunities and got smarter on outbound efforts – landing 177 more live conversations while making 300 fewer calls!
Priority Toyota Chesapeake
A lot of our leads come in through our virtual showroom -- the biggest way to drive them to the Sales floor is to get them on the phone. CRISP Certification helps with that because we can see how agents are doing on the phone throughout the whole day. I’d recommend it to any other dealership manager.
Joe DeSouza
Marketing Manager
Toyota of North Charleston, Hendrick Automotive Group
Voice Recognition has not only added time back into my day, it’s also reminded my team to focus on proper phone lead management within Car Wars and CRM. I’d absolutely recommend it to any other dealership manager, due to its unparalleled ability to instill accountability among salespeople.
Dana Scarborough
BDC Manager
The Brown Auto Group
I like the ability to inspect something. For me, I definitely don’t want to listen to every call myself. Car Wars identifies where strengths and areas for improvement are. But what I like most is the connection portion – it’s not just an agent answering and saying ‘Hello’; it’s being able to take care of that person. Think about it from the customer side: if I call 7 times and no one’s been able to answer my question, that’s all preventable. So the software is proactive rather than reactive, everything is transparent and provided at a glance.
Sylvia Garcia
Business Development Director
Sixty-top dealer group based on the West Coast
Automating CRM lead assignment with Voice Recognition helped this dealership captured 99% more of the potential revenue opportunities previously leaking in CRM!
Feldman CJDR of Woodhaven
My Car Wars Rep was very informative with explaining the benefits and demonstrating every feature that comes with Car Wars.
Nakema Burgess
BDC Manager
Grapevine Ford Lincoln
Car Wars is the most trusted provider when it comes to anything phone-related. There's no opportunity that goes missed or unseen, and it has a vast amount of tools that help our salespeople get better and help our managers know more of what's happening on a daily basis.
Brent Weddle
Pre-Owned Internet Sales Director
West Point Buick GMC
Ever since we've signed up with Car Wars, the number of appointments set, the show rate, everything has improved really highly... If we didn't have Car Wars, we wouldn't be where we are today. We've gone so far because of it. I have and will continue to recommend Car Wars to other dealerships.
Jorgie Eskew
Internet Manager
Planet CDJR
The Car Wars platform is awesome for the competitive spirit and ability to track and listen to calls for ongoing training. I would recommend it to any dealer trying to maximize phone calls and appointments. Car Wars has increased firm appointments and show rates, and it lets me know if customers are being called back.
Nevin Foster
General Manager
Sun Toyota, Morgan Automotive Group
So when we talk about something like Car Wars (or Cari), we see that as an asset to the dealership because it'll improve our processes. The platform alone gives us all of the information we need not only to live, but we can look back and see what we've done well and where our opportunities are to improve.
Victor Montoya
Sr. Internet Director
Braman Honda of Palm Beach
I live in Car Wars every day. I’ve got VIN up on one screen and Car Wars up on the other.
Jose Santiago
Internet Director
Don McGill Toyota of Katy
Our agents were very excited and receptive to the CRISP reports and how good we’re doing based on the benchmarks Car Wars has provided.
Chana Kurtz
Service Manager
CRM Maintenance allows us to capture more business from soft appointments and opportunities missed.
Store’s Internet Manager
Trophy Nissan
On a recent phone call, the caller wanted a specific vehicle we had in stock, so the salesman went over some information with her, but it didn't turn into a hard sale. A soft appointment was set and the customer didn't show up. With Car Wars being able to listen to the phone call and provide me with notes, I didn't have to listen to the entire call; I got the important information and could call the representative directly. We were able to make that car deal just by listening to and acting upon the call. Plus, it was a coaching process at the same time. So we made the car deal and reviewed the call in a group training for other employees to learn from.
Charles Traylor
Internet Sales Manager
1 and 2 Automotive
I’m all the way bought in; I’m looking at this thing every 2 hours. I love the idea behind the Pursue Box. I love how the calls are going in, I love how the calls are being monitored, I love the feedback we’re getting. I can sit back and see from 20 feet which agents need coaching.
Dave Kost
General Manager